Q1. What are the payment terms?
With new customers we work on-sight L/C or 75% advance basis.

Q2. Can I phone or fax you? 
Yes, you can Call us on Ph: (92)21-32070777

Q3. Can we visit you and buy directly? 
A3. We welcome you to visit our factory at Karachi, we also display at some of the major industry fairs.

Q4. How soon after ordering will my order will be shipped? 
We ship goods within 4-6 weeks after order confirmation. Time duration depends on the quantity of ordered item.

Q5. What is your policy on returns? 
We stand by our commitment to ship only goods satisfying accepted quality standards. Any defective goods may be returned for repair or replacement.

Q6. What are your shipping costs? 
Shipping costs depend on shipping mode, destination and size of consignment. Please write to us for more details on specific orders. We can make shipments by Sea, Air or International courier.

Q7. Can I ask for sample?
You may ask for product samples. We can also develop samples based on new designs provided by you.

Q8. How soon can I get sample?
Samples usually take a week to ship out.

Q9. How much will it cost me for sample? 
We offer samples at production prices to our esteemed customers.

Q10. Do you have any minimum order quantity? 
Please write to us for specific details.

Q11. From where do you purchase raw material?
We purchase raw material locally.

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